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Bitcasa messed it up for everyone

A couple of weeks ago +Bitcasa Inc.​​ did a dramatic change to their unlimited data storage plan and in doing so alienated itself from the very core of its original users that was there throughout their beta testing phase with all the ups and downs associated with this. Gone are the promise of unlimited storage for a price of 79 USD (yes – original backers was given a life long rebate promise and promised never to pay the 99 USD that new-commers need to pay.  This rebate had also been removed by +Bitcasa​​ – again directly going against their promise).  I am pissed of by the exhibition of disregard shown to me as a customer and by the way Bitcasa has handled the matter.

I want to switch…  But I do not know to what…  Therefore I need your help. I really liked:

1. Not having to use local HD but just having Bitcasa as a separate drive mounted on my systen
2. The ability to stream content from Bitcasa apps on both iOS and Android

These features should be part of the new solution,  if at all possible 🙆

Can you help me?