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My brand new Moto 360

Unpacking it was a breeze – except I did not see the “blue moto” light after lifting the lid. The watch did not power on before I had connected the wireless charger (which is itself brilliant – also on the night stand – should I have had such as thing).

After springing the watch to life, I got through the setup – including downloading Motorola connect and Android Wear apps on Android phone to connect. Pairing was a breeze.

After having worn it for 30 mins a new update knocks and it transfers and updates without any glitches. I did, however, need to remove the device from “connected devices” in the Moto connect app, and reconnect.

Now I am getting notifications on calendar items, emails, texts and phone calls. My fitness data from Google Fit is also showing it head every now and again. So far I am impressed (not telling too much here… I am easilly impressed, but hard to keep entertained – and retained). I love how it intergrates with Google Now! And how all notifications just pop-in without any additional work to be done.

Sending my first text prooved overly cumbersome resulting in quite a few looks from colleagues wondering wtf. To this time I am not very successful in using the watch to send text to my contacts. replying to messages works without issues – it is only initiating new messages that for some reason pushes me to the limit of my abilities…

And… a few quirks:
Installing new watch faces did turn out to require resetting the watch, removing the Android Wear apps from the phone all together and then reinstall. A very non-user friendly experience that I really hope Google will be on top of in the future. Should you have the same issues, this thread is a good place to start: http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-360/help/motorola-connect-sync-to-watch-t2935490

Step monitoring seems to be broken. There are ways to make it work, but I just cannot be asked to reset and start over. Still – this must/should be fixed in a future update, right +Google or +Android Wear 

Battery life
As always the first couple of days with a new device is almost the worst to start a discussion on battery life (due to all the fiddling and tuning and playing and…), but this will not stop me. Battery life is about 32 hours on medium usage. I have had the watch die after 24 when I was really pushing it – and have it last about 40 hours when just using it as a regular watch. I have not tried using the ambient light mode since rumor has it that it will kill battery. 

Should you buy?
Really – that is for you to decide ;). However, for me the function of the watch comes before the form – for you this may be different. I love the way that I am connected with my OnePlus and it is not a problem for me that the clock does not always display the clock face (yes – it is dark… this means that it only turns on for you – not for the people around you – not really a problem for me). I have no real design  sense – to me the watch is pretty enough to wear. I also love how I can mess about with apps such as Facer to change the look of the watch face (though most real good once get pulled of due to copyright infringements… but as always there are ways). I am happy with the Moto 360.