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How Qatar got the FIFA World Cup in 2022

I know… the below is a bit far fetched… but taking into consideration the abundance of  “do not do it” hints provided to FIFA before electing Qatar to host FIFA World Cup 2022, my take on the actual vote is pretty much summed up in the small joke below…

So… here goes

Three women were all applying for a position in the accounting department. The interviewer asked each of them this question: “If you were to find $100,000, what would you do with it?”.

The first woman said that she would give it all back. The second woman said that she would give half back and keep half for herself. The third woman said that she would keep all the money.

Which woman got the job?

The one one with the biggest tits!


Post Danmark – where is my package?

My God!! I have just experienced one of the most horrific displays of incompetence of this year… it involves one quick sender from eBay, a fairly swift package handling outside Denmark, and then an example of why Post Danmark is such an extremely bad-run company that viable alternatives should drool with the mere fact that Post Danmark is doing such a bad job.

Bought a new set of headphones on eBay – they were send swiftly from Hong Kong and everything was dandy. Got a good deal on some much needed audio equipment…. The package was send as “value-shipment” – which means that I have to be at home to sign for reception of the package – both vendor and and buyer agreed this was the safest way to go by the transaction… but BOY were we wrong…

The package arrives
Being the summer period I took the liberty of going way on a small vacation leaving the handling of the package to Post Danmark. When I got home there was a small “pickup note” in my mailbox that a letter requiring my signature had not been delivered since I was not at home, but that I should go to my local post office in Brabrand to get the package… I was happy – I really needed my new headphones…. So equipped with my note and my ID, I went downtown to pickup the package…

Oh what incompetence
When I handed in my note, things started to go all wrong… the post office staff, apparently,
had also decided to go on vacation – subletting the handout of packages to a bunch of morons (sorry!)… after they had spent 10 minutes turning each and every package, they asked me to come check for myself.. while I found it a bit strange that I was not snagging into packages send to Miss Anderson and Mr. Petersen, I still gave it a shot… but to no avail.. the package was gone… and since the vacation personal were as helpful and knowledgable as a hole in the ground, I was left pretty frustrated… I then went to the nearest “real post office” and they provided me with a phone number for the locate distribution liaison…

Still… no dice
He has now spend quite some time on helping me (and in all fairness he IS doing a great job in trying). However, the package remains lost… there is proof that the package was in fact signed in with the Brabrand post office – but they have somehow misplaced/mislocated/borrowed the package.

Now what
Well… now it gets interesting… I want my money back – and I really think that Post Danmark must try and help me as a consumer and provide me with some sort of compensation… But I could not be further away from the truth… in fact I as the receiver cannot do anything to claim money from Post Danmark… I have to get in contact with the seller to have him file a missing package claim – eventhough the problem here lies deep within Post Danmark and not in Hong Kong or whatever country the package may have passed through… and guess what…. compensation for the package will then be paid out to the seller.. and I will then have to file a formal complaint with the seller for him to pay my money back… this workflow is simply beyond me?! Post Danmark has admitted to making a mistake, I have to do all the work in contacting the seller, the seller goes to file a missing package report, he will eventually get the money back – and then I get a shot at getting my money back from the seller?! God almighty…

Next steps
The seller has agreed to file a missing package…. I am not sure what happens with that afterwards -since the package is nowhere to be found, he will get the money back… I guess I will make good use of the eBuyer protection program, only if the are issues with getting the seller to pay me back my money (I think he will do this… he seems like a good guy)… but the fact of the matter is not really how I get my money back….

The fact of the matter
No… the real beef lies with Post Danmark… they have proved extremely incompetent in handling this situation… a chain is only as weak as it weakest spot – and in this case this boils down to the two monkeys at Brabrand post office. If Post Danmark means business, they must ensure that they tidy up their own mess and make sure that in case something like this happens that I as a consumer does not have to be both worried and spend an insane amount of time tracking down my options… Post Danmark – you are not living up to your responsibility to me as a consumer – especially when I think of all other areas where consumers enjoy protection from vendors – it is beyond me how you are not willing to give me proper help and compensation and deal with the sender of this package to sort out his compensation without my involvement.. it is not ok!