Android – final thoughts

Final thoughts
It should come as no surprise that I am not relying on Samsung to supply me with the latest and greatest in Android development. For the time being I am using a custom ROM made by “Darky” Called Darky’s Rom – it is blasing fast, has superb battery life and outperforms the Samsung ROM in all possible areas. The setup of it all is very geek-ish, but again there is a fantastic community behind it to make the transition a breeze. If you are on a Galaxy S phone I would get it now.

My own experiences with Android still leaves me with a feeling that Android is still not ready for prime time (at least not when it is on a Samsung hardware platform). I must admit that the numbers show otherwise… but I have a feeling that a lot of Android users either do not know better  or believes so much in the whole concept that it makes up for some of the issues. Again, it is very important to point out that I am writing this based upon my experiences with Android on Samsung. Users with HTC, LG, Motorola or other vendors may see things very differently.

For myself – I am pretty sure that I will remain on this platform.. I thrive on it and I really like all the options of the OS; I am also pretty sure that I will try and jump on to the “Android vanilla” experience as soon as I get an option… it just will not happen on a Samsung phone… that is one thing I am sure of.


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