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Getting used to Android was much simpler than I thought… to be honest it is not all that different than my iPhone 3GS. I like being able to do multi-tasking and I really love how my device is always connected to my Google-cloud. Setting up the phone was extremely easy and straight forward. And despite Google’s initial attempt to sabotage their own product by not giving other users than the Americans access to paid apps in Android market (again – that was circumvented by the nice people over at XDA), the Android market has so many nice apps that I would claim that Android should not feel too embarrassed when compared to the App store for iPhone.

Things I hate

  • No EyeTV application – and radio silence from Elgato in spite of numerous queries to the matter
  • No Boxcar application
  • iTunes for media and updates (pretty sure I am the only one here…)
  • That Samsung does such a horrible job in supplying their phones with the latest releases and patches to Android
  • That Samsung has disabled the option to get Android software updates over-the-air

Things I love

  • There is nothing I cannot change or customize. If a want a different home screen and layout of my applications – I download it from the market and apply it. If I want a different SMS application, I download it of the market… and if I want a different dialer to handle my phone calls.. (you get it now…) There is virtually nothing that I cannot do.
  • Using my device as a hot spot
  • How lightning fast my Galaxy S is as soon as I abandoned stock Samsung ROM
  • The community that “comes with” the Android. Due to the open nature of Android the number of foras and communities that make contributions are stunning. An abundance of tips, tricks and help is available – if you know where to look
  • Tight integration with Google

A word on Samsung and Android

2010 must have been “The year of Samsung”… with their massive gamble on Android devices around the globe (and the Galaxy Tablet) Samsung is now a player that must be treated with respect. However, Samsung has to realize that they, too, must treat their customers with respect. Right now a movement set fourth by various forums such as is gaining momentum on twitter. Under the hash tag #NeverAgain Android users are showing their frustrations with Samsung as the provider of the Android solution stating problems both with the stability of the Android software, the extreme time-to-market to update stock Android to their devices and the reluctancy of Samsung to release their source code to developers (as is required under Open Handset Alliance).

For me, on Samsung, there is not doubt in my mind that I will never buy a Samsung-powered Android phone again… but if I do, I will only do it to remove the Samsung ROM and replace it with a custom open ROM. My twitter-friend said it like this:

Gunnar Þór Hafdal
The Samsung Galaxy S is first class phone burdened with a second class OS.

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