Android or iPhone

Well well well…. Another year – same dilemma: stick with Apple’s iPhone or bail ship and change course and head down the Android path to freedom, autonomy and Open Source… As was the case last year – this year’s decision is a no-brainer.. Right? I mean, come on, Open Source IS the new black? And Apple is growing into a profit-hogging mastodon without its long-hailed customer finesse. Looking back at my old blog-entry from August 3rd 2009 the contenders were HTC Hero or iPhone 3GS (opted for the 3GS, if in doubt).. So another year gone by; Same dilemma…

Hello iPhone 4
Actually, when iPhone 4 was announced I was left more or less with the conclusion that I could not live without it.. I signed up immediately.. But then two things happened. One – the whole Antenna-gate thing (in particular Apple’s response) and two – second thoughts: did I REALLY need another iPhone just for the sake of a better camera and 720p video (sure Retina screen is also nice.. But so is the 3GS screen). I mean the iOS4 already runs on my 3GS.. Maybe it was time for something completely different…

Android ghost of summer past
There you have it. Yet again I am struggling with ghosts of “past blog posts” – should I stay or should I go? The first iPhone 4 challenger was HTC Desire. I have long had eyes on the HTC Sense UI on Android (big clock and weather widget combined – how to live without it) – but also the way that it handles contacts integration with various sources was/is very exiting to me. However, after talking with friends already using the Desire (and not letting that go by unnoticed) it became clear that a few things were rotten in Desire-land. Things such as battery life, Mac sync and camera capabilities a long with what I found to be perhaps the biggest letdown so far in my Android exploration – apps in Android Market, were all decisive factors in me turning away from Desire and back to iPhone (so much for Open Source – welcome back to the Walled Garden). But then something happened…

Samsung – do they really make mobiles?
Enter Samsung i9000 Galaxy S (or whatever name carriers in the US may have decided to name “their” version). Super quick processor, excellent camera and also sporting 720p video.. Interesting UI with a little iPhone to it.. And a super AMOLED 4″ screen (maybe a tad big…). This devise looks very interesting indeed – so I started turning a few leaves on the Internet to get “real user experience” input… And again – I cannot help to feel that Android is let-down. From what I gather:

  • No sync with my Mac and my music (I know – very old-school – but I still have a lot of music sitting on my LG NAS).
  • Plastic finish (on a very expensive phone…)
  • No LED flash for the camera (how dumb is that!)
  • Android Market – if I am to leave the ton of apps I have already paid for on my iPhone behind – I really need a much broader variety of apps (don’t even get me started on how insanely stupid I think it is that I am not able to buy apps in Android Market just because I live in Denmark). Also, try googling for EA Sports apps (love FIFA 10 on my iPhone – so does my kids) – some say it is there; others do not see it. Come on people…

Still, I am very intrigued by the chance to grab a hold of the Android train.. And as far as I can dig into the new Galaxy S, I think the phone comprises both something new UI-wise but also hardware-wise. Interesting….

Decision time
Time is ticking (I bet you already think that this blog post is way too long – sorry about that!). I am still having issues with buying an iPhone 4 simply because that the my 3GS on iOS4 is doing such a great job. “Then don’t buy a new phone”, you say?! Well, now I have already set my heart on getting a new phone – so that would simply not be possible… Also, me and a glass-cased phone – that has got bad idea written all over it (guess that case will come in handy by keeping reception high and break-factor low)… And besides the short-comings of the Galaxy S – I am more and more inclined to take the plunge into Android this year than a year ago. Much will rest on my investigations into the Android Market and it’s current somewhat sorry state. The iPhone 4 still has not been announced on 3 network here in Denmark; and the Galaxy S arrives in week 31 (that would be in a weeks time from tomorrow). The race is on – and this year the no-brainer could actually turn out to be victorious.. I really want Android to be good – but sync, apps and a clear update-path to Froyo and Gingerbread must be dealt with first – I give myself and Galaxy S three weeks to get this figured out – I will update this post as I go along.

iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S (youtube)


6 responses to “Android or iPhone

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  • Birger

    I’ve had an iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G x2, iPhone 3GS and have switched to Android with a HTC Legend last week, and I’m already missing my iPhone big time! So my advice: stick with iPhone even though it sucks a little bit. Wait 1-2 years to pick your fight with Apple…

    • Thomas Jeppesen

      Thank you very much for your input. You iPhone-life is exactly the same as mine with 2G, 3G and 3GS. For some reason I just think I need a change.. Will update the post and eventually write a new blog post..

  • nick

    Regarding syncing of music with your mac, well, there is no itunes. All you need to do is plug your phone in, and drag your music files to the external harddisk that just appear, then unplug and play.
    The plastic finish thing is right, I also don’t like it much, so you should better look at its beautiful screen and try not to think about its casing 😀
    LED flash, my old phone have it, I regard it as something look nice as 1st time, but not too useful so I’m fine without it.
    For sure, I’m having Fifa 10 running on my Samsung Galaxy S now, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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