HTC Hero or iPhone 3GS – non-authoritative thoughts

Change is coming – and that in many different scales (some might argue). Anyway, as I long-time user of mobile phones and a gadget geek/freak I am now faced with the option of change… The old 2G iPhone (love that name) is long overdue for a change (hey, anything older than 1 yr. is old, right?). When the 3G came out, I almost leapt with joy; only to find that not much had changed – and also realising that once again Apple to some extend had let me down – there were many devices on the market with better specs and functionality than the 3G – but none with the then-new App store and the iPhone UI. Anyway, I decided to wait hoping for the new Apple frenzy launch of the new model bound to arrive within the year. And so it came, and it was good (you can look that up in the Bible) – or at least it was better.

iPhone 3GS – a small step closer to a promised land that I have yet to figure out what in fact holds – guess that will have to be in another post. This time Apple did in fact present change – also to believe in with both the better CPU, faster 3G (fast enough to warrant the S for Speed in the name), compas, Nike+…. plenitude… but now – there is a snake in Paradise – a Sense of something new; Android-powered, HTC Hero with the Sense UI…

So – I decided to do a small comparison table “just for me” – but perhaps someone could use/re-use some of the thoughts (I already reused some stuff from other very clever guys..).

Feature/Phone iPhone 3GS HTC Hero
Processor Wins – the CPU is 600 hrz Only 525 mhrz CPU
UI Apple does this better than anyone else.

I know the UI already..

The new Sense UI from HTC looks very exiting – and it is something new.

However, some of the early videos of demos of the UI, appear to show that navigation is laggy. This will have to wait until I get my own hands-on time.

Camera 3 mb 5 mb – HTC wins this one
Video Romours have it that the videos from the iPhone is superb – having seen a few example on Youtube, I am convinced. Win for iPhone. From what I have read the video capabilities on the HTC or “meager”.
Multi-tasking This is sooo not possible on the iPhone – and I do not care much for the “Push” thing. Clear win to Hero – this is possible.
Flash No dice Yessir…
App store This is one of iPhones biggest advantages – it blows HTC and Android out of the water. However, Apple being the “sole authority” on allowing apps makes for a big draw-back.

There is always the jailbreak…

Small market that is bound to grow.

Low level of Google influence.

Sync I have a Mac, and everything is handled superbly. Not much good to say here. Hero does not come with much option in the box – missing dedicated podcast location and album art is a huge mistake.

However, tight intrgration with Google products is fantastic.

OS manufacturer I don’t care much for Mobile Me – I don’t like the interface, prices and Appel’s attitude.

I do like, however, the “Where is my iPhone” bit…

I am “all-in” for Google products – Google Calendar and Picasa are long-time favorites; and GDrive will surely follow, right?!
Compas, GPS Yup Yup
Upgradable OS Well, 3.01 is out and I upgraded… b i g yes there – however, since I am on a 2G I am constantly reminded about the fact the I bought this is US and took it back to Denmark – always fearful of the next OS release and my unlock Since HTC made Sense on top of the 1.5 Android OS, chances are that I will have to face the choice of either losing the Sense UI when 2.0 is publicly available, or wait to see if HTC will upgrade Sense on HTC Hero when 2.0 comes… Losing the flashy UI or getting stuck with an old OS… take your pick – I don’t like either..
Prices – DKK Things were so easy (price-wise) when there was only Telia (then again, a lot of other things were bad..). Now there are more players with different subscription programmes. I am looking for a 16G iPhone – prices range in totalt for 6 mths. between 4.392 DKK( 4.656 DKK ( – but then there is the subscription comparison…I just cannot do it. Prices and subscriptions are still in the making. I have, however, seen that you can buy the unit sim unlocked and without subscription for 3800 DKK. I will be interesting so see the prices including subscription from e.g. Telomore.

So – there you have it… That was just a small insight into what thoughts I am having when it comes to making room for the next big/small change… at least I now have somewhere to keep track of my thoughts – you are more that happy to comment. I must admit that by making this list I am leaning towards the iPhone 3GS (and feeling like an old man not wanting to try something new…) – but then again; you never know what might happen during hands-on. Stay tuned… please… 😉


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